Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sutra 3

Strum an A minor chord.

Now strum a simple rhythm.

Chant something simple
over the beats, like

Om Shiva or O Mama.

Or Oom Papa Mao Mao.

Record yourself on Garageband
or some simple program.

While you're at it,
why not take the laptop outside
to capture birds and buzzes,
maybe crickets?

Record a second track over
the first, singing over
what you have just sung.

You have now begun rhyming over song.

Record a third track over the first two.

By now you are getting into
the music and should be able to do
some surprising third thing.

Go from strumming to fingerpicking.

Now let the fingerpicking
turn into the hum of bees.

Let the bees turn into flowers,
let flowers turn to stars.

Get lost in the layers of sound
and know you are part of
the music of the spheres.


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