Friday, August 7, 2009

Sutra 10

Watch the color spectrum as it bubbles up

From below the earth to above the sky.

Inside the earth lava is dark blue

As inside the body blood is dark blue

As lava and blood touch the air they turn red

Feel the heat of red in the loins.

As lava comes up through the ground it is orange.

Feel the power of this orange glow in your gut.

As orange cools it becomes yellow.

Feel your will transform orange into yellow

From orange through yellow into green.

As roots grow they become green.

The earth is covered with green.

Feel this green in the heart.

The horizon turns from green of grass to blue of sky.

Feel this blue in the throat, in your words, in your song.

The light blue of the sky turns into the indigo blue of space.

Feel this indigo in the mind, above and between the eyes.

From the midnight blue of space comes the light of the sun and the stars.

Feel this milky way of stars shower from the top of your head.

Feel your body as the conduit for the entire color spectrum.

Feel the color spectrum as the system of life

From ground up and from sky down.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sutra 9

Notice how there is infinite space above you.
Notice there is infinite space in front of you and behind you.
You are sitting on a giant rock, which is made up of space.
The rock is speeding and spinning through space.
Around the rock is infinite space.
Feel how you are in the center of infinite space,
a tiny being in the center of all space,
expanding through all of space.

The center of the circle is here,
The circumference everywhere.

Sutra 8

Nothing is greater than your feet, which connect you to the earth.

Nothing is greater than lust, which drives all life.

Nothing is greater than the will, which is the will of the universe.

Nothing is greater than the heart, which connects all of life.

Nothing greater than the voice, which communicates with all life.

Nothing is greater than the mind, which is awareness of life.

Nothing is greater than your spirit, which is the spirit of all life.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Sutra 7

The first line of a great love song
written by Modern English says,

"Moving forward using all my breath"

This is the perfect first line for beginning
a song, or really for beginning anything.

Remember it before you sing.

Remember it before your birth.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sutra 6

The base of the spine is the kindling.

Sex is the friction to start the fire.

The gut is the bellows to stoke the fire.

The heart is the core of the fire.

The throat holds the tongue of the fire.

The mind is the play of the fire.

The soul is the light of the fire.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Self-meditated Sutra 5

Go slow and enjoy the pleasure of
eating. Go slow and savor the music of
reading this poem. Enjoy the mix of flavors
of words made of flesh. Then turn inward to
the bliss, itself, and savor. Find the joy
in the breath, in the sounds all around.
Take listening deeper. How deep goes the sound?
The deeper you follow the further you're sent.

Try to find the bliss without the antecedent.

Sutra 4

Feel the energy travel slowly up the spine
like tiny ants just below the threshold
of sensation, the imagination made real,
feel them rise from your base, slowly,
like littly subtle bubbles rising,
warm and electric, until
they shower from your head
in a fountain of light

Slower still and deeper yet
start from the base again

And again-


Sutra 3

Strum an A minor chord.

Now strum a simple rhythm.

Chant something simple
over the beats, like

Om Shiva or O Mama.

Or Oom Papa Mao Mao.

Record yourself on Garageband
or some simple program.

While you're at it,
why not take the laptop outside
to capture birds and buzzes,
maybe crickets?

Record a second track over
the first, singing over
what you have just sung.

You have now begun rhyming over song.

Record a third track over the first two.

By now you are getting into
the music and should be able to do
some surprising third thing.

Go from strumming to fingerpicking.

Now let the fingerpicking
turn into the hum of bees.

Let the bees turn into flowers,
let flowers turn to stars.

Get lost in the layers of sound
and know you are part of
the music of the spheres.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sutra 2


the way the gut can inform sex
the way the heart can inform gut
the way words can inform heart
the way the mind can inform words
the way the soul can inform mind

sutra 1

Sutra 1

Breath flows in to out,
out to in, in to out,
coming in and out, you
feel the air pouring
out and then in
subtle particles of air
sucked into your lungs
exhaled from your lungs
back and forth
in an equilibrium
echoing eternity

In the space of the small moment
before taking a breath
there is a flash of joy.

Breathing in, the world is renewed,
is made new and then steadily ascends to a climax.

Breathing in is like you wake up again.

In the space of the moment
before breathing out
there is an opposite joy.

Breathing out the world is released,
let go of, there is a little sleep,
a small o, death in miniature,
a rest stop.

The eternal dance between in and out
twisted like snakes of time
in the life of the breather,
between breather and life.