Friday, August 7, 2009

Sutra 10

Watch the color spectrum as it bubbles up

From below the earth to above the sky.

Inside the earth lava is dark blue

As inside the body blood is dark blue

As lava and blood touch the air they turn red

Feel the heat of red in the loins.

As lava comes up through the ground it is orange.

Feel the power of this orange glow in your gut.

As orange cools it becomes yellow.

Feel your will transform orange into yellow

From orange through yellow into green.

As roots grow they become green.

The earth is covered with green.

Feel this green in the heart.

The horizon turns from green of grass to blue of sky.

Feel this blue in the throat, in your words, in your song.

The light blue of the sky turns into the indigo blue of space.

Feel this indigo in the mind, above and between the eyes.

From the midnight blue of space comes the light of the sun and the stars.

Feel this milky way of stars shower from the top of your head.

Feel your body as the conduit for the entire color spectrum.

Feel the color spectrum as the system of life

From ground up and from sky down.

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